Pros can start premium gametypes for standards

Live: Fnatic vs Dignitas at ShootMania Launch Party Paris

DanskMetal SL - Pink vs Streak-tern

LCS EU: Week 9 - Fnatic vs EG & DB

Netolic League: Fnatic.NA > Majestic

Fnatic.CS qualify for EMS One Winter offline finals

Week 8: Fnatic versus SK Gaming first

Fnatic.SC2 invited to EMS Spring

Fnatic Beta at Copenhagen Games

SteelSeries product showcase by Niels "rizc" Topp

Fnatic.EU Get Penalized For Showing Up Late

LIVE: TakeTeamStoryCup: Fnatic advance to Round 2

LIVE: SLTV StarSeries V - Fnatic vs Anexis

Fnatic.Beta to Copenhagen Games

Dota 2 EMS One: Fnatic.NA/EU in Group A

EMS Cup #4: Fnatic in the semi-final

TPL: Fnatic 0-2 NTH

LCS EU - Fnatic with off-day Saturday

The Defense: Fnatic proceed into Loser Bracket Finals

Star Ladder - Fnatic defeats Na`Vi

LIVE: Star Ladder - Fnatic goes up against Na`Vi

LIVE: The Defense: Fnatic take on Na`Vi

LIVE: EMS One - Fnatic takes on Mousesports

LIVE: Fnatic FragOut: VeryGames vs Anexis

LIVE: BTS Cup - Fnatic vs Team Liquid

About that Slasher drama

LCS EU: Fnatic vs Gambit Gaming Day 2

LIVE: LCS EU: EG vs Gambit Gaming

LIVE: The Kevin Battle: Harstem vs RotterdaM

The Defense Playoffs: Fnatic falls to EG

The Future of eSports

ESET Qualifier: NightEnD Qualifies for LAN Finals